Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 1: Kensington and Chelsea

I am counting today as our first day because we got into the meat of things.  We rose early so that we could have plenty of time for our first big adventure. Our day began with a walk through Kensington to follow Virginia Woolf's path and to see Round Pond, where she spent a lot of time as a child. We went down the Flower Walk which was filled with beautiful blooms in an array of colors.  Although I didn't come up with any ideas for a great novel I was able to see how the gardens inspired her.  We also got to see people sailing boats on Round Pond just as Virginia and her siblings did when they were children.  After this we visited one of the many homes she lived in, 22 Hyde Park Gate.  Just looking at the building made us realize how one could go mad living in such a place.  Next on our agenda was to visit the Victoria and Albert museum where we saw beautiful jewels and sculptures. To finish up we walked along Chelsea Embankment and went to the Physics Garden to have tea and enjoy the flowers.

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