Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 3: "The City"

Another full day on the itinerary. Beginning with a walk through the Bloomsbury squares which took us through Fitzroy and Gordon. It was easy to see why Virginia like living in these places. While still in the city they were quiet and had nice views onto the square which was a small green space. From here we walked to the Bloomsbury Workshop where a man showed us his collection of Carrington, Vanessa Bella, Roger Fry, and Duncan Grant works of art. They were all very beautiful and unique and we all agreed that some day when we were rich and famous we would fill our houses with them. The next thing we did was going to the British Museum. Lunch was delicious and we got to look at sculptures from the Parthenon which hardly seemed real. After this we made our way to Charing Cross where we visited the National Portrait Gallery and saw paintings of many members of the Bloomsbury Group. By this point everyone was extremely tired so we went to the alleyway that was the model for Rowling's Diagon Alley and looked in some used book shops. The old leather bound books were beautiful and I wished I had unlimited money to spend so I could bring boxes of them home. We all decided that this was a satisfying end to the day and headed home. My literary senses were over loaded with all the cool sites and the old books. Overall another fulfilling day.

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  1. The man who runs Bloomsbury Wo
    rkshop is Tony Bradshaw; you can find some of his books on amazon.com