Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 7: Kew Gardens and Hogarth House

Today we started out at Richmond, but decided to cut our time there so we could spend more time at Kew Gardens, and I'm glad we did. After looking at what used to be Hogarth House which is now a Boots pharmacy sadly, we took the train to Kew.  The gardens were gorgeous. We got to see Japanese style pagodas that Virginia saw when she walked through the gardens and went up to the tree top walk where we could see all the way to the London Eye.  Each part of the gardens had something different to offer and the sheer number of plants was mesmerizing. We also got to see the lily pond that Virginia loved and the inside of the green house was about as humid as Clemson. I bought my mom a beautiful print and a book that shows what the gardens look like during each season which I might end up stealing before it's all over with.

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