Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 11: St. Ives Part 2

 Today we walked around the town and made our way down to the coast to board a boat that would take us to Godrevy Island.  On this island is the lighthouse that Virginia describes in To the Lighthouse and Hyde Park Gate News. We were taken to the island by a boat called Dolly P. and a man named Derrick who was very opinionated and very much in love with Cornwall (he "circumnavigated the globe seven times").  We got to take a ton of great pictures and found that the lighthouse is still operating, although people no longer live there.  We went in to town for to eat and I had some delicious fish pie and a decadent brownie while looking out at the sea.  We also visited the St. Ives Museum which was full of fabrics that looked like those Duncan and Vanessa made for the Omega Workshop. Another thing on our agenda was Talland House. The gardner was kind enough to let us in and we got to see the garden that Virginia described as "full of nooks and crannies."  It was full of water features and secret passages.  After all of this we had some Cornish ice cream, scones with clotted cream and tea. Caroline, Joslyn, and I walked along the beach at low tide and climbed some rocks where we had a great view of the estuary.

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